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' The Master of Morte ' :: A Novel by Fred Taikowski

Evil can be so misunderstood.

A melting , a destruction that brings us back into a state of
nothingness ; a state where nothing can be destroyed ; and
all is calm .

It is just regrettable that what it takes to get from here to there is
so messy ; so chaotic ; so carelessly disordered.

One has come to help mankind in this transition ; a transition that ' should '
be easy now that all that is good has fled this world : One has come to
bring Order to this Time of Trouble.

This helper of mankind goes by the Name of Gaiius Matraeus ; or
' The Giver of Death "

War .

Between Russia , China , the United States and her western allies .

All revolving around an insane ' global king ' who is reigning in the city
of Jerusalem . There is only one small catch . And that is that the world has gone
completely dark ; no electricity ; no sunlight .
Leaving the combatants to struggle in extremely primitive conditions .

And yet ... there must be a winner , someone who claims victory in this
war of attrition .
Who shall it be ? The Israeli King , and his supporters ? Or the alliance
of the Princes of Moscow ?

' The Master of Morte ' knows the answer .

This is the second book of ' The Telos Trilogy ' ; and the sequel to
' The New Earth Star '

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