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' The New Earth Star ' :: A Novel by Fred Taikowski

The Earth's Ascension is a natural progression in the lifespan of our Earth Mother ,
Mother Gaia .

Three young men , from different parts of the world , have been chosen to assist Her
in this most noble of tasks ; each by placing an Earthen Crystal , or dios X Crystal at
strategic points on the Earth at a certain time ... a time that coincides with the activation
of the Cydonian Martian Pyramid Complex .

Of course , there are those whom wish to oppose this Ascension ... those who wish to
keep the Earth in it's present State , so that it and it's inhabitants can be exploited for
their own selfish gain .

This group of opposers include some of the most evil villains in the known Universe ;
each with their own special powers and abilities .... and their own agendas .

But ... along the quest of these three young men , there are also helpers .
One could call these helpers a ' motley ' crew , if you wish ; but all have one thing
in common - - - an abiding love of the Earth and it's peoples.

Will the task of the Ascension be accomplished in a timely manner ? Will it be
accomplished at all ?

Will the Earth change into Her true , magnificient form ? ... and what shall that form be ?

Find out by reading ' The New Earth Star '

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